How to Fill a Ceramic Cartridge

How to Fill a Ceramic Cartridge

Filling a High End Dabzation ceramic cartridge is very simple and will provide great results when performed properly. Follow the steps below to get the process done right each time.


One of the main causes of leaks and cart malfunctions is the temperature of your oil when filling. Your material may be thick while at room temperature but with added heat becomes thin. Do not fill cartridges which feature large 2mm intake holes with hot thin fill material. Your oil should never be steaming when being dispensed into the cartridge chamber. Start your heat setting at 120º F. Do not exceed 140º F.


Always fill the cartridge between the center post and the glass tank. Do not attempt to fill material in the center post. 


Screw or press the cap onto the cartridge immediately after filling. If you are filling multiple cartridges, screw (or press) the caps on right after they are filled. For bulk amounts we do not recommend filling each cartridge first then going back and capping each. Immediately seal once filled.


All ceramic cartridges either pressurized or twist off should be capped and then flipped upside down right after filling. Let the cartridge be upside down for at least 30-1hr or longer after filling. We have been told by some of our partners that they'll leave their carts flipped upside down for up to six hours. This process ensures that all excess air that is trapped inside the chamber can safely escape.