Highest Quality Vaporization Hardware & Concentrate Packaging

Engineered to enhance your terpenes and impress your customers.

Vaporization Hardware and Concentrate Packaging

Wholesale Ceramic Cartridges and Concentrate Packaging.

Proprietary technology that is heavy metal tested and protects your oil from ever leaking.


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The Avid Extractor's One Stop Shop.

High End Dabzation focuses on producing industry leading wholesale ceramic vape cartridges, concentrate packaging, and extraction tools that are specifically engineered to enhance the flavor profiles of your concentrates and enable your brand to stand out amongst the rest. Beyond vape cartridges and packaging our in house graphic design team can help you bring your ideas to reality. We design cutting edge packaging that is always unique to each of our clients and at a cost that is beneficial for everyone. Lastly, with the end consumers health and safety always at our highest priority each of our ceramic vape cartridges are guaranteed California Cat III compliant, free from heavy metals, pesticides, glycol, and other harmful toxins. Remember, high end dabz only.

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Why choose High End Dabzation ceramic cartridges?

The High End Dabzation ceramic vape cartridge has undergone thousands of hours of testing allowing us to experience and fix every malfunction that occurs in other cartridge brands. In addition, because of our strong relationship with our factory and resource suppliers we are able to fully control the entire production process, reducing the risk of cross contamination or inadequate materials being utilized in our manufacturing process. Our cartridges currently boast a failure rate of 3/1000 and with a dedicated customer service team always happy to help out and answer any questions why shop anywhere else? Our vape cartridges use the same technology as CCELLs but don’t come with the name brand markup. Bring your brand to the next level today with High End Dabzation.

The Anatomy of a High End Dabzation Ceramic Cartridge.


A cartridge should enhance your concentrates, not take away and leave you with a harsh feeling in the back of your mouth. We designed the High End Dabzation ceramic vape cartridge to not only safely and securely encapsulate your oil but to enhance the concentrate and enable the full flavor of the terpene profile to be released. And with a Day 1 mentality everyday we never stop experimenting and working towards designing a safer more effective ceramic cartridge. We are proud of what we have built so far but bettering ourselves day in and day out is always our top priority. The highest quality vaporization hardware and supplies coming your way.

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Ready to take your business to the next level? At High End Dabzation our in-house design team can help you turn your idea into a reality. Our team can produce customized tanks and mouthpieces featuring your logo, unique blister packaging, durable cartridge boxing, and graphic design services that will enable you to stand out from your competition and create a strong brand loyalty with your customers, partners, and distributors. Your concentrates deserve to be recognized.Whether you already have a logo or just an idea we can provide you with the resources you need to create a recognizable brand with unique stylish packaging and custom tanks that feature industry leading proprietary ceramic technology that never fails or leaks on your clients.