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Product Overview

We believe terpenes will play an integral role in the future of cannabis, and we're here to deliver them reliably and at the most competitive price. If you work with extracts, talk to us about using our terpenes to give your products the best taste and profile possible! Even the tiniest amount of a terpene blend can create a big change in the quality of an extract. 

Why choose our terpenes? Absolutely no synthetics. All-natural botanical terpenes.

Terpenes are the flavor, taste and smell molecules present in everything we eat, drink and smoke.  They don’t just smell and taste good, they also play vital roles in the feelings we get from the things we “consume”.  The difference you feel from a strain of “Sour Diesel” compared to “Purple Kush” is mostly due to the "entourage effect” that the terpene profiles bring to these particular strains. 

Certain terpenes give an uplifting energetic go-all-day type of feeling, and can keep us awake and alert.  Other types of terpenes can be relaxing and sleep inducing, something great for after the gym or before bedtime.  There’s even evidence that suggests terpenes are effective anti-cancer agents and can protect our cells from DNA damage.  Most of this has not been verified by the FDA though more and more stories alike are proving a strong case.  Nevertheless, as the cannabis revolution continues, the day-to-day evidence is piling up in the terpenes favor.

Our terpenes are created utilizing pure, natural plant components that are organically-grown and carefully steam distilled for quality protection.

Each of our terpene strains is 100% cannabis-free and legal to utilize and market anywhere in the country.

S = Sativa

H = Hybrid

I = Indica