Debunking 5 Common Myths About Vaping

Posted by High End Dabzation on 12th Aug 2021

Debunking 5 Common Myths About Vaping

This time on the High End Dabzation Carts blog, we’re putting on our mythbusters hat and sifting through all the nonsense floating around out there about vaping. Just like any other ‘new’ (and vaping is hardly new!) thing folks tend to react harshly. In that environment it’s easy for urban legends, myths, and straight up disinformation to take hold. So it’s time we bust those myths and get the facts out there!

Myth 1 - Vape Pens Explode!

Vaporizers are just like any other electronic. When cared for, used, and charged properly they’re no more a danger than any other battery powered device you carry around with you every day.

There have been instances where a vape pen has ignited or ‘exploded’ but those cases are almost always caused by reckless use, improper storage, or tampering with the device – changing out batteries or tanks without proper know how or caring for compatibility. It’s like plugging a D battery into the back of your remote - it’s not built for that kind of charge!

The Food and Drug Administration recommends all users read the manufacturer’s manual for recommendations on how to use and care for their vape pen. In those manuals they cover proper charging, cleaning, safety features and keeping the vape out of extreme heat, all things that can do a number on the vape’s stability.


Myth 2 - Vapes Are Not Regulated

The fear is clear right? “Vapes aren’t regulated so who knows what you’re using!” Without oversight clearly the industry is ‘up to no good’ right? Woo boy is this one just false. Electronic cigarettes have been regulated by the Food and Drug Administration for over 5 years. E-cigarettes can’t be sold to anyone under 18, warnings are required on the packaging and ingredient lists have to be submitted to the FDA. These are just some of the regulations and they’re constantly fine tuning them– and we’re happy to adhere to them! Believe it or not, vape companies don’t want anyone getting sick, or having adverse reactions to our products.

While it’s true that, like many industries, there are unauthorized products entering the market or sales happening that shouldn’t be (to underage consumers and such) these are pretty par for the course, especially in the first decade of regulations.

And as more and more states legalize marijuana use medicinally and recreationally the scope of what the FDA is looking at is increasing which is a net positive for everyone.


Myth 3 - Vaping is as Harmful as Smoking Cigarettes

Vaping is tied pretty closely in the public consciousness with cigarettes. Millions of people took to it as a way to help curb their smoking, quitting tobacco products all together. But now, there’s a growing number of people who think vaping is just as bad as smoking – which isn’t helped any by some retailers refusing to stock vape but continuing to sell traditional tobacco products – after all, if they’ll sell cigarettes but not vapes surely that means something, right? No.

A study put out by the National Academies of Sciences, one of the most comprehensive studies to date, found switching from smoking to vaping decreases exposure to toxins, carcinogens, and probably reduces adverse health effects in organs. Further vaping completely eliminates exposure to carbon monoxide, tar, and many of the nearly 7,000 chemicals present in cigarettes that make them so dangerous.

And never forget, tobacco kills almost half of its long-term users.


Myth 4 - Vaping Causes ‘Popcorn Lung’

‘Popcorn lung’ is a rare condition caused by extreme damage to the bronchioles, the smaller tubes in the lung that move air. This nickname comes from an outbreak that occurred in workers in a microwave popcorn factory. The cause was vaporized diacetyl, a chemical used to create butter-like flavoring. So how did it get linked to vaping? A 2016 study performed by Harvard researchers found diacetyl in a sample of vaping products. This gave health organizations the go ahead, they believed, to draw the link. But of course the truth is much more specific.

Inhaling diacetyl and other chemicals used for flavorings can certainly pose risks, but so far vaping has never been linked to popcorn lung, and further diacetyl is present in cigarette smoke as levels higher than those seen in the Harvard study – and traditional smoking has never been linked to popcorn lung as a risk. Makes you think.


Myth 5 - Vaping Doesn’t Help People Quit Smoking

Public health organizations are discouraging people from moving from smoking to using vaporizers and e-cigarettes, saying that they just replace one habit with another. Well there’s a few holes in this myth right off the bat.

First, vaping doesn’t have to be used to help people quit smoking. Vapes don’t need to have nicotine or anything else in them, some folks just like the flavors, others prefer to vape CBD or THC. So when smokers make the transition from cigarettes to vape, they don’t have to keep the same levels of nicotine, in fact it becomes completely in their control on how much nicotine they are using allowing them to dial in exactly on the experience they want, helping them quit entirely

Further, studies show that vaping can be an effective tool in helping smokers quit! A British study placed almost 1000 smokers who wanted to quit (this is of course the most important piece here) into a randomized trial comparing the effectiveness of e-cigarettes with other nicotine replacement methods such as gum and patches. A year later the study checked in and 18% of people who used the e-cigarettes weren’t smoking. Compare that with 10% Who used the other products and you see that e-cigarettes are in fact more effective at helping people quit smoking – so long as they want to!



Vaping is a hobby and experience that millions of people around the world are able to enjoy, and enjoy safely. The myths that some organizations and groups are putting forward are just that. Scary stories to deter people from trying something new (and if you’re more conspiratorial minded, something that can help people quit Big Tobacco…) or foreign. Vaporizing has been around for longer than most folks realize, it’s subject to regulation, and can be done safely.

That’s why High End Dabzation Carts sells ceramic cartridges that pass the tests, that are safe, and high quality – no matter who we work with and sell to wholesale, we want the industry to be flooded with the best quality hardware available – so everyone can vape secure in their safety and health.

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