Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by High End Dabzation on 22nd Nov 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!

This time on the blog we’re going to keep it short and sweet. It’s Thanksgiving and we want to wish you a very happy one!

When we gather around the table to enjoy some stuffing and turkey (or tofurkey if that’s more the vibe), when we sit down and share what we are thankful for this year we will be sure to mention one thing first and foremost – YOU!

We are so thankful for our customers, without whom we wouldn’t be able to live this dream! We’ve been able to grow our business, offer more products and better options at better prices all because we have a customer base that includes you. And when you’re relaxing after the tryptophan packed meal, enjoy a few puffs on your vape and relax. It’s the holidays. Enjoy it!

From All of Us Here at HED Carts,

We Want to Wish You a Happy Thanksgiving!