High End Dabzation vs. CCELL vs. AVD vs. who else?

Posted by High End Dabzation on 10th Nov 2020

Move fast and break things. The mantra that Zuckerberg preaches at Facebook has slowly became the foundation of how we operate here at High End Dabzation. It’s been experiment, fail, iterate, launch, fail, iterate, re-release, fail, experiment, launch, and move forward. When we first launched our first cartridge it was a messy bumpy product that needed a lot of work. Fast forward to today and we have a line-up of cartridges that have met and surpassed the standards of our demanding customers that always need more for their business. Crafted with ceramic atomizers and featuring leak preventative properties our carts are perfect for both high viscosity and low viscosity oils and are designed to enhance the flavor profiles of your terps. Throw in the low price and we have quickly become the industry’s choice of cart.

We want our carts to be the best of the market. We want our carts to be the safest on the market. And we want our carts to be the ones that are encapsulating your favorite oils. Which is why we continue everyday to engineer a better future for the vaporization community. Back in September 2019 when the “Vapegate” occurred we pushed our engineering and manufacturing teams to come up with a cartridge that is the same high quality as our original but has a lower lead ppm; prioritizing customer health and safety at the highest on our to-do list. We’re extremely proud to say that today the H E D Cartridge is the only cart on the market with a near invisible lead ppm count and with a failure rate less than 1% we have quickly become an industry leader in the cannabis vaporization market.

Looking towards the future our plans are next to produce the most sustainable cartridge on the market. The post life of a cart and battery unfortunately isn’t the most beneficial for the environment and we recognize this flaw in the industry. Not only do we want you to be ingesting the safest cart on the market we also want to make sure the Earth is extremely happy and healthy as well. We are already experimenting with different materials we might be able to use to manufacture carts with that are more sustainable to the environment and are very adamant that in the near future we will be leading the industry in providing a more eco-friendly footprint within the industry. Vaping has already taken the smoke out of smoking now it’s time to focus on completely eliminating the negative waste.

Our company will continue to pioneer and engineer products that bring tangible value to the cannabis/cbd vaporization and concentrate industries. As we do this we plan on maintaining a very conscious focus on the impact we are having on our communities and environment. High End Dabzation is the home of the highest quality ceramic carts and we will never stop improving.