Is there a proper fill line?

Posted by High End Dabzation on 10th Nov 2020

One question that we get a lot at the High End Dabzation office’s is “Where should I fill the oil up to” and “How is it possible to hide head space without over-filling the cartridge”.

Overfilling a cartridge can cause an array of malfunctions. Because when you overfill a cart you aren’t allowing enough space for the excess air pressure that has been trapped within the tank to escape anywhere. Instead it simply takes up room in the tank causing your oil to now be forced into the atomizer even when it is not being heated. Thus leaks occur. And leaks ruin everyone’s vaping experience let’s be real.

And under filling a cartridge is just an absolute disservice to your customer. Like c’mon did you even measure? DO YOU EVEN CARE???

Okay so let’s set the bar/fill-line straight.

Where should you fill your oil up to within the cartridge to allow for excess air pressure that gets trapped to have its space and also for your customer’s to think you’re the greatest human being in this world for hooking them up.

The answer is within the tank….and on the outside. The way I like to do it is like this: you see those three intake holes at the top of the inner chamber? Yeah, you want to fill to just below those holes. This should be an easy enough stopping point since your already looking down the chamber plus you should be filling bottom-up, simply stop filling right before you hit those three intake holes and you’ll be ready to seal and distribute with zero problems whatsoever.

And if you happen to be eye-balling the fill from the outside of the chamber you’ll want to stop your dispensing right beneath that top metal layer on the outside of the tank (the part that isn’t see-through). Follow these two practices and you should notice that your carts are a whole lot less leaky when they are being consumed AND you’ll actually be distributing the perfect amount of oil to your satisfied and happy customers.