Vape Mods and You

Posted by High End Dabzation on 12th Nov 2021

Vape Mods and You

If you’re new to vaping you might have heard the term “vape mods” around. It can be intimidating to ask what something means – you don’t want to sound like an idiot or a complete noob. Don’t worry about it, we’re here to help, and you know it’s actually a bit more complicated than you might realize.

First - What is a Vape Mod?

Mod is short for modification, it’s something that modifies the vaping experience whether it’s a different tank or a battery. Over time, mod has come to encompass basically any vaping set up that uses a mod (or mods). So, if you’re using a modified tank for your vape rig, you might refer to that tank as a mod, or your whole set up as your vape mod.

Make sense?

So what can be modded? What can be changed about your rig? Here are some of the components that make up a vape mod.

Anatomy of a Vape Mod

Unlike the smaller vape pens or e-cigarettes, a vape mod is made up of a few different components that can be swapped in and out, customized to the various desires and needs of the user. It’s important to know what the different parts of the mod are so you can understand what different effects you can have through customizing your vape mod – to get you the exact right experience for you!

The Vape Essentials

The Basic Mod

The basic vape mod package might contain a built in atomizer and tanks that allow to be removed and replaced for various effects. Think of this like a beginner’s kit for vape mods.

The Atomizer

The atomizer is an absolutely crucial part of the vape. It is the heat-resistant piece that turns liquid into vapor. The atomizer may be separate or built into the tank, depending on the one you go for. Popular options include “sub-ohm” tanks – these keep the coils below half an ohms to produce larger clouds of vapor, thus making them a popular choice for those who like to do vape tricks or rip chunky clouds.

The Coils

Vape coils are actually a part of the atomizer itself. Sometimes called atomizer heads, vape coils are the component of the vape mod that actually heat up and vaporize the liquid. Vape coils will need replacing occasionally even if you’re not trying to turbocharge your rig.

The Tank

The tank is probably pretty obvious but just incase, here we go. The tank is where the vape liquid is stored. Disposable devices like simple vape pens will have a tank that’s referred to as a cartridge. Tanks are usually a great first mod to make as the difference in tanks can make for a huge change in the vaping experience.

The Battery

The battery is… well yeah it’s the battery! The source of power in the vape! Typically lithium-ion batteries are the best choice as these are rechargeable but there are plenty of options out there. The goal for a battery is to provide enough power to the coils without needing too much space or adding too much weight.

There’s also the liquid which while not technically a part of the vape rig will definitely get swapped out frequently for different effects and taste. Wicks or wick materials that are used to pull the liquid from the tank to the coil for vaporizing can also be modified, made of materials including cotton, mesh, wool, etc.

Looking at all of that you’re probably pondering, is modding worth it? It’s totally up to your level of interest in refining and controlling your specific experience! Many people are perfectly content with their simple pre built and disposable vapes and there’s nothing wrong with that! But if you’re looking to blow huge clouds, or want to optimize your flavors chances are you’ll want to dip your toes into vape mods!