What is a dab cart?

Posted by High End Dabzation on 7th Dec 2020

Quickly and more commonly it seems more of the market is now referring distillate vape cartridges to dab carts. The term dab originally got its name from the action one does when smoking an extract off of a rig. Every time you consume a concentrate you are dabbing (never to be confused with the dance). A dab is also the term one might use when referencing any form of wax concentrates: shatter, crumble, budder, diamonds....they are all just dabs. 

Along with the term dab the term oil has also been used to reference any sort of concentrated form of Cannabis. And most often in the vaping world any time a concentrate is extracted and dispensed into an empty cartridge it is referred to as an oil: hence you heard CBD Oil or THC oil. Both are short names for what actually is either a live resin, rosin, sauce, or distillate with added terpenes potentially. However, just to keep everyone up to speed with what the kids are saying nowadays it seems the term "Dab Cart" is becoming the new slang for a thc vape cartridge. I would assume most CBD cartridges are not referred to as dab carts even though we are beginning to see more and more forms of CBD concentrates on the market nowadays.

So the next time you find yourself surrounded by a group of kids and you keep hearing the word Dab Cart and wondering what in the world it could be there are talking about...just no it's not the iconic dance on top of a shopping cart but rather some good ole fire extract that now resides within a cartridge awaiting to be vaporized so that it can lift you away!

Happy vaping! Remember, high end dabz only.