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Product Overview

Looking for bulk pricing on our ceramic vape hardware? Email with the variation and quantity you are interested in purchasing and a sales representative will reach out to help you fulfill your order.

If you didn't believe that disposable vapes could be both stylish and convenient, Slim&Sleek will definitely change your mind.

Packed in a distinctive ultra-thin body, our newest vape disposable features a visible oil tank design with a contour-cut mouthpiece insulated on a smooth metallic matte surface. Plus Slim&Sleek is also equipped with a fashionable inhale activated LED light, an ingenious modern touch to this simple but sleek design.

The 0.5ml and 1mL tank plush the 280mAh battery was paired to endure a journey of pure flavor. Indulge your brand with both flavor and elegant design.

Tank Volume: 0.5mL & 1mL

Battery Capacity: 280mAh

Ultra-slim Visible Oil Tank Design

Full Metal Housing with Metallic Matte Finish

Medical-Grade Stainless Steel Internal Components

Inhale Activated

Built-in LED Indicator


Available for Customization (OEM)