What’s the Difference Between Medical Marijuana vs CBD Oil?

Posted by High End Dabzation on 8th Oct 2021

What’s the Difference Between Medical Marijuana vs CBD Oil?

With medical marijuana popping off across the US, more people than ever are interested in the medicinal properties of cannabis. Another growing trend? CBD oil and cbd based products. So let’s get to it, medical marijuana vs CBD oil – what’s the difference, what matters? This time on the HED Carts we simplify all that!

First, the big thing. Distinguishing CBD and THC.


Cannabis has over a hundred different cannabinoids - that is, specific compounds inside of cannabis that do different things. Two of the most commonly discussed cannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol or THC and CBD respectively. CBD and THC are both cannabinoids but they are responsible for different things! Medicinal marijuana relies on the whole plant, so THC is a big component of that, while CBD oil can be made from a hemp plant with significantly less THC present in the plant.

A simple way to boil this down is THC gets you high – CBD won’t.

So why do people use CBD oil as opposed to medicinal marijuana? Which medicinal properties does each have that users are looking for?

We need to look at the ECS and how the two compounds react with it.

We’ve talked about the ECS previously but if you need a primer here we go. The ECS is a system of receptors throughout the body that regulate basic functions and maintain homeostasis – the balance of the body’s processes. When everything is in balance everything is working as it should but age, sickness, poor diet and hundreds of other factors throw it outta whack.

When that happens, introducing new cannabinoids can support the function of the ECS and restore balance to your body. That’s what people using CBD oil and/or medicinal marijuana are after!

How Medical Marijuana Helps the ECS

Medical marijuana delivers THC into the body, which the ECS can use. It binds with the C1 receptors in the brain, muscles, blood, and even the reproductive organs! C1 receptors are tied to pain receptors, as well as nausea and spasm controls. Medical marijuana, whether ingested via smoking, vaping, edibles, capsules or what have you, is used to address pain and nausea.

How CBD Helps the ECS

Meanwhile, CBD oil and other CBD products work with the body’s C2 receptors found in the spleen and digestive organs. C2 receptors govern inflammation, autoimmune disorders, and digestion. CBD oil, taken as a topical aid like a lotion or cream, or through gummies help control inflammation and aid in digestive troubles.

Now let’s put that all together and simplify that. The medical marijuana vs CBD oil battle? It’s not a real fight! They are used to address different problems for different people. Someone looking for help managing their pain or nausea will look towards medical marijuana while people wanting to fight inflammation and support recovery will opt for CBD oil. And of course, there’s the whole prescription thing. Medical marijuana requires a prescription for its use, while CBD can be bought over the counter and in numerous places!

So now ya know!